Miners Marathon

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Miners Marathon

Website Miners Marathon on large and mobile layout

Website for Miners Marathon

Website Miners Marathon was launched in August 2016. Of course the main purpose of website is advertising the event, but its main functionality is online registration for runners. I developed my own front and back-end using HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, PDFMailer and tFPDF.

Designing a Website with complete automatization of registration process

The major problems I had was to create the complete registration proces for runners:

  • Online registration with two different age restrictions.
    1. person under 14 years is not allowed to entery completition;
    2. person under 18 years and older than 14 needs written parental permission to enter competition. Form validation is based on birth date of the runner.
    Form validation is based on birth date of the runner.

  • Automatic email system and creating invoice in pdf with runner’s data and current competition fee.
    After online registration runner receives all registration data to his email account, with attached invoice in pdf with his data and current competition fee. Competition fee changes based on organizer's early sign in discount.

  • Notification via email with runner’s data to competition project manager
    Registration data and invoice is being also send to competition project manager automatically.

  • Updating MySql database and displaying runners online
    In the process all the data is saved to MySql database. After successful registration we also update runners list, which is being displayed on website.

Creating a CMS for publishing news to website

The common thread of the task was creating a CMS which is simple and user friendly. It has basic functions: add news, edit news, displays all news. Single news page has options Description, Excerpt, Featured Image, Published Date, Categories, ...

Miners Marathon

Custom CMS for editing and adding news

Promo Video for Miners Marathon

I created promo video for showing when and where Miners Marathon is being held. Promo was made in Adobe After Effects.


Flyers were made for promotion of the event on similar events and fairs, made with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Miners Marathon

Flyers for Miners Marathon 2016 and 2017

Start numbers, T-shirt, ...

Design of start numbers, t-shirts, organizers id-tags, sponsors panels, etc. for Miners Marathon 2016.

Miners Marathon

Print design


Using MailChimp for creating different campaigns and sending emails to runners, press, etc. My job was to create newsletter design and report the statistics to the head of the event. I also set up sign up form.

Miners Marathon


Facebook page administrator

I set up Facebook business site, write posts and take care of images, comments and other basic stuff. I was also responsible for Ad Campaigns.

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