Developing WordPress Theme based on corporate identity, HTML, CSS, PHP

Website on large and mobile layout WordPress Theme Development

Website was designed based on corporate identity and it was launched November 2012.

At first I gather information. There were a lot of thing to be taken into consideration. The client wanted to represent all of his project based on size and importance. The main goal was to offer their client a good portfolio – for technical people to get to know their projects and for the “regular” people who are just interested in the company. Rudis is one of the largest companies in Zasavje, with long tradition.

Gathering information, mockups

After gathering all the necessary data, I started to plan the website. I prepared site map and together with the client we found navigation system that is good for both types of users. I prepared mock-ups. The process of designing website was very challenging. There were lots of communication between me and the client, a lot of exchanging ideas …

Different Pages

Custom post types, Taxonomies

The theme itself has three custom post types: “Contacts, References and Interviews”. Each custom type has its own taxonomies. The most important thing to the client was also filtering and searching their references. So I have implemented filter and search options to website. It is made using MySql queries.

Custom Post Types

Tutoring editors

After finishing the project I wrote editing guide and had more than eight hours of tutoring for the page editor.

My first, but not last

This was my first theme development project and has a special place in my portfolio. It’s not the best, but it’s the first. Four years later, after having a lot more knowledge I would create things differently, but I am proud of it, just as it is.

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