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Website on large and mobile layout

Website for

Website was launched in November 2015. It is based on Newspaper WordPress theme. I have created Child theme and customized the theme. I was chief editor of and admin of different web projects besides, like "Šus v novo leto" (Eng. "Enter New Year's with us"),...

Website - online newspaper

Zasavje is a small region in Slovenia. Before starting online newspaper, there was already two local online newspaper which covered the area. So the bigest challenge was to create atractive website and get readers to come to our site. At first I did the evaluation of those two websites, gather the information from a few people what were the negative and positive sites of those two online newspapers. Then we sat down with the client, did some brainstorming and choose the Newspaper theme. I customized the theme within clients wishes and add some new features, such as weather banner.


We wanted to be louder than other press in Zasavje, so that simply lead us to using the horn. Color red as loud, energetic color and green as a color of nature and freshness.

Fress, nature, energy - logo


I prepared corporate identity of It included Word Template, e-mail signature, PowerPoint Template, Facebook Cover, Newsletter, ...

Miners Marathone


Event Zasavc leta 2014, 2015

Event Zasavc leta is event where the most important people in Zasavje are presented and awarded with the title "Zasavc leta" ( Personality of the year in Zasavje). I took care of PowerPoint presentation, which was displayed on a main screen at the event. I also prepared promo video with the presentation of people, who were running for the award. Promo was made in Adobe After Effects.

Website Kaj dogaja?

I have developed a WordPress Theme for Kaj dogaja? (Eng. "What's going on?"). I prepared customized post types, custom taxonomies, custom fields. User can filter the events based on when, where and what is going on.

Front and back-end of Kaj dogaja


Using MailChimp I am sending weekly newsletters with latest news in Zasavje. My job was to create newsletter design and report the statistics to the head of the project. I also set up sign up form.

Miners Marathone


Facebook page administrator

I set up Facebook business site, write posts and take care of images, comments, ...

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